Why I Can’t Root for Stephen Strasburg

PISTV – VLOG 66 – Why I Can’t Root for Stephen Strasburg

Let me take you back in time. It was 2012. The Washington Nationals were having a great season. With literally days left in the season news came out that Stephen Strasburg would be shut down. He would not pitch again to end the regular season nor pitch a single inning in the playoffs. They lost in the NLDS.

Fast forward to right now.

Last nights (Oct 10, 2017) NLDS game between the Nationals & Cubs was rained out. Which should’ve been a blessing for the Nats. They’d be able to start Strasburg on regular rest.

Except news broke that he didn’t want to pitch. He was apparently not feeling well. See the USA Today story here.

Then, apparently due to the backlash of the internet, he suddenly overcame yesterdays “flu like symptoms” and now is ok to pitch. Here’s the latest from Deadspin.

My take? He didn’t want the ball… so don’t give it to him!

I can’t believe a MLB player wouldn’t want to play. It kills me. You know who would want the ball? Tim Tebow. Seriously. Here’s a rant I did on Tebow a while ago.

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