$1 Deposit for 2016 College Bus Tours!


Another VLOG filmed in the hospital.

James Fernando Prado will take over as Play In School Vice President!

His birth has us thinking a lot about infant child care. We are doing plenty of research finding the right place that fits our parameters.

This experience has me thinking about all the families with high school baseball players going through the recruiting process.

Unfortunately, I know families that will do less research in the college process than they did finding an appropriate child care facility. Many, many families will simply send their child to the school where the coach happens to like their ability. “Right fit” is left out of the decision making process.

Our College Bus Tours are designed to provide opportunities to do that important research in an efficient manner.

Right now, you can reserve a spot on any of our 2016 Tours for $1 and we’ll waive the remaining $98 of the normal deposit.