Why Take a Tour?

While one side of the college recruiting process involves the coaches evaluating the players, Play In School – College Bus Tours are focused on allowing the players to evaluate the colleges themselves. Our Tours are uniquely designed to show high-school athletes several colleges in a short amount of time.

Your child’s college choice is one of the biggest decisions and largest investments in both of your lives. There are no bad choices at this level, but we want to help your child make the best possible choice. You will get unprecedented behind-the-scenes access to nearly 20 colleges! Your observations on the tour will help you figure out what is most important to you. This type of insight can have a significant impact on your future.

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What To Expect…

These tours are not recruiting trips; however, recruiting has happened as a direct result of trips in the past. These tours are “scouting” trips for athletes to see schools up close and personal. Our tours are given by the college coaches and include: the main grounds of campus, classrooms, libraries, dorm rooms, cafeterias, plus the weight rooms, training rooms, locker rooms, player lounges, dugouts and fields. In addition to the campus tours, two player workouts will be held in strategic locations on college or professional fields.

After each campus tour, we will take a moment to fill out a survey on that school. The result will be an invaluable packet of data for the parents to review. This packet will have real time thoughts, feelings & opinions on the campus, facilities, coaches, geography, etc. This will be the thing that will help keep your son looking at schools in his sweet spot. Additionally, each player will receive transportation, hotels, two meals per day, two t-shirts for workouts, and a hat.

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