Tom Walter

The Play In School organization will always be welcome at Wake Forest. The two biggest decisions you make in your life are where you go to college and who you marry. The folks at PIS are committed to helping young men find the right personal, academic and athletic fit.

Tom Walter Head Coach, Wake Forest University
Shawn Stiffler

Getting on a university campus is absolutely vital in the college decision process. Success in college can only come from the right fit academically, athletically, and socially. Touring campuses is step one in finding that fit!

Shawn Stiffler Head Coach, Virginia Commonwealth University
Jeff Palumbo

Getting an opportunity to view campus can be the single most important part of the recruiting process for prospective student-athletes. As a coaching staff, we love having the opportunity to show players and families campus so they can see first hand why so many people are excited about ECU.

Jeff Palumbo Assistant Coach/Recruiting Coordinator, East Carolina University
Chris Finwood

I really think the Play In School Bus Tour is a great concept for young men who want to get exposed to many of the Virginia colleges and universities. It is well run and very organized and we really enjoyed being part of the experience. Getting these young men on campus allows us to have some time to show them around and visit with them about our program in a relaxed environment. We had a number of them sign up for camp due to their being on campus with the bus tour. We are looking forward to being a part of the tour again next year.

Chris Finwood Head Coach, Old Dominion University
Ray Hedrick

We love the concept that Rich has put together. For college coaches who constantly travel to find the ‘right player’, it is a nice change of pace to have potential recruits come to campus at the front end of the process. Likewise, with so many successful college baseball programs at various levels throughout Virginia, the Bus Tour is a great opportunity for high schoolers to get a gauge on where they might be able to find the right fit. It is a win-win situation.

Ray Hedrick Head Coach, Randolph-Macon College
Matt McGuire

Half the battle is getting recruits to visit campus. Once recruits visit campus, they are immediately impressed and interested in hearing about what the school and our baseball program has to offer. Roanoke College is a hidden gem and a large majority of recruits and their families leave campus impressed and keep Roanoke on their list of possible schools to attend. By visiting campuses, you’ll immediately know whether you can see yourself attending that particular school.

Matt McGuire Head Coach, Roanoke College
Jeff Kinne

It is important for our recruits to see our campus and meet our coaches. We need to make sure that the player has a good feel for our entire institution. It needs to be a fit not just the baseball aspect but his entire college experience.

Jeff Kinne Head Coach, Hampden-Sydney College
Brian Casey

Getting on a college campus is an essential piece to the college search process. It’s important to walk around and see all that the campus has to offer; its location, size, facilities, the people, etc. You can find a lot of information about a school from its website, but some of this is that gut feeling you get when you walk around campus and whether or not it’s a place you can see yourself going to for 4 years.

Brian Casey Assistant Coach, The College of William & Mary
Matthew Swope

Getting kids to see our unique campus is essential in the decision making process and to gain valuable exposure for the University of Maryland. PIS provides an opportunity for these kids to see how they may fit one day in #TerpNation!

Matthew Swope Director of Baseball Operations, University of Maryland
Jonathan Hadra

One of the biggest steps in the recruiting process is getting a recruit and his family on our campus. A recruit may not have a high interest level initially, due to preconceived notions about the college, baseball program, and/or coaching staff. Often times, a much higher interest level and a better understanding of the everyday experience is the result, after seeing our campus/facilities and meeting personally with the coaching staff.

Jonathan Hadra Head Coach, Virginia Military Institute
Jeff Stickley

It is of upmost importance for players to visit the campus. Each school has a different feel and he needs to have that experience. He spends more time on campus than on the baseball field.

Jeff Stickley Former Head Coach, Washington & Lee University
Tom Austin

Rich, thanks for bringing your tour to Methodist University! Being that we are a small University, it is an extremely positive event to expose our University and facilities to quality student athletes. Thanks for including us in your tour.

Tom Austin Head Coach, Methodist University
Jason Laws

In the recruiting process, it is imperative to us at High Point University to get prospective students on campus. We are very proud of the opportunities and experiences we have to offer, and when recruits and families get on campus they can see why High Point University is such a special place. The Play in School Bus Tour gives us another platform to showcase High Point University and we look forward to participating in future tours.

Jason Laws Assistant Coach, High Point University
Chris Knowles

I think it’s important to visit schools you have an interest in not only athletically, but also academically. Athletics are important, but you must get to campus in order to experience everything that particular school has to offer in both areas. A school must meet your academic needs first, in order for athletics to be enjoyable. Ask yourself, if I were to get hurt can I see myself enjoying this institution every day, if I can’t play? If the answer is yes, then a second visit is in order to find out more about the academic program and athletic program you wish to join.

Chris Knowles Assistant Coach, Lynchburg College
Joey Seal

The opportunity to have a group of kids on our campus at NSU is invaluable for us. It allows us to showcase what we have to offer school and facilities wise to prospective student athletes who may not have the opportunity to see it otherwise.

Joey Seal Assistant Coach, Norfolk State University
Curt Kendall

We are very pleased to have Rich Prado and his Play in School high school prospect tour visit our campus. It is a great way for prospects to learn about Bridgewater College and our baseball program and the quality student-athlete experience we can offer.

Curt Kendall Athletic Director & Head Coach
Ryan Horning

We encourage recruits to visit as many campuses as possible in the recruiting process to find the place where they feel most comfortable. Play In School provides an unbelievable opportunity for student-athletes to explore colleges of varying sizes and divisions. We love having the ability to show prospective student-athletes all we have to offer here at F&M and look forward to being a part of the Bus Tour again next year!

Ryan Horning Head Coach, Franklin & Marshall College
Dave Beccaria

The college search/recruiting process is about finding the right fit. Student-athletes need to expose themselves to different kinds of colleges and universities so that they can make an informed decision about which kind of school resonates most with them. There are a lot of great schools and a lot of great baseball programs, but every school and program are different in their own way. Campus visits can help student-athletes begin to better understand some of these subtle differences and become more educated about which schools may be the right fit for them.

Dave Beccaria Head Baseball Coach & Assistant Director of Athletics, Haverford College
Scott Roane

Having a group of young men come and visit campus is essential in getting our story out to prospective student-athletes so that they can learn what Towson University has to offer in regards to academics, athletics and campus life. A campus visit is an essential part of finding the right fit! We look forward to having Play In School on campus in the future!

Scott Roane Assistant Coach, Towson University