Our mission is to provide the tools & information to empower high school student athletes to take control of their college recruiting process and have enough knowledge to make the best decision possible.


At Play In School, we’ve always believed that knowledge is power.

That is why we’ve prided ourselves with the providing student-athletes, their parents & their coaches with the tools and information to take a proactive role in their college recruiting process. We’ve always thought that the idea “if he’s good enough, he’ll be found” is incredibly naive, so we created a platform to make it as easy as possible to take control of one’s own recruiting process. While we know a video will not “get you signed”, what we have seen over & over is that investing the time & effort to create a video can often be the catalyst for a kid to begin communicating with college coaches. That “action” of proactively communicating, with quality film, can often be what gets the ball rolling. The late Paul Keyes (former VCU Head Coach), once told me “I recruit kids that recruit me.” Meaning that he wanted kids that were excited about his program.

Word has spread of the power of video. We are now fortunate to team up with some of the best travel ball organizations in the country. The coaching staff’s of those programs understand how much more efficient their conversations can be with college coaches therefore helping all of their players that much more.

While we’ve been blessed to work with thousands of student-athletes that have moved on to college, we realize that every single year there is a new group of student-athletes & families that are nervous, excited & scared to embark on their own recruiting journey. 

Every family starts in essentially the same spot, with little to know experience or knowledge about the process. I’ve spent endless hours on phone calls consulting these families on strategy & tactics. 

These strategies & tactics and the decade plus of experience I have are now available to all families through our online course called The Playbook.