Introducing…The Ultimate Baseball Player Marketing Tool! 

Streamline Your College Recruiting By Creating A “Virtual Showcase” For Your Players

 …with your own professionally created and branded, easy-to-use Player Profile Platform… for less than a few bucks per player!

  • All-in-one video “showcase” platform designed with the baseball player in mind (Created by a college recruiting EXPERT and trusted by top travel ball organizations)
  • Keep all your player data/metrics and video in one place and UP TO DATE Coaches need current data and video. Send it to them in one easy-to-share link.
  • So simple you can be up and running in just minutes (Go from registration to publishing content on your profile in under 5 minutes. Start getting your players noticed today!)
  • Options for individual player, team, or travel ball organization (Sign up as a player or as a team to display ALL of your players’ profiles for one low monthly investment)

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travel ball coaches are calling this “a game-changer!”

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If you’d like a simple tool that can help you drastically simplify and streamline your college recruiting process and better brand your organization with players and college coaches, then this might be the last recruiting platform you’ll ever need.

The fact is, recruiting has changed.

The days of coaches traveling to see prospects were already making a quiet exit when, to complicate things even more, the pandemic showed up and changed everything.

Now, more than ever, coaches are relying on reputable video
to identify prospects and evaluate talent.

Travel ball organizations and players are now facing new challenges with college recruiting.

Problems such as…


Most colleges are cutting travel budgets and limiting their coaches’ travel to prevent any further issues.  This means your players won’t get in front of these coaches in person as much.

Unless you have an answer for this, your players are simply not getting the same exposure… and college roster spots will go to players from other teams who know how to get their players seen.


Coaches love data…. and they really love video.  

But do you know what sucks? Old, out-of-date data… and old video.

The big scouting/ranking companies won’t let players update their profiles (unless you travel across the country and pay hundreds of dollars to attend one of their “premier” showcases….)

And then at these showcases, if you don’t have your best stuff that day, that’s all you have to show for it. 

Basically, if your players want to correct their out-of-date fastball velo they need to fork out $300 and go to a showcase. 

This is despite every coach/facility in the country having a radar gun, stopwatch & technology like Rapsodo & Blast Motion!


The issues created by Covid-19 and the resulting change to the recruiting process won’t stop parents from blaming coaches for not doing enough to help their child!

“Wish they’d done more for my son” is the #1 complaint most parents have about travel ball organizations. This can ultimately hurt your brand.

With an eye to these common problems here are several facts to consider:



Video recruiting is the new wave!  It’s no longer optional.  The more you can help your players leverage the power of video, the easier you will make it for your players to get in front of the right coaches that can advance their careers.

Bottom line:



College coaches need to see what your players can do.

And that doesn’t always need to happen in-game! Let’s say a college coach happens to be at your game… You don’t get a single ball hit to you and you get walked twice. (PLUS: If you happen to have a bad game, that shouldn’t be the only sample size for coaches to evaluate!)

In a video, coaches get to see him go through his reps, his BP, his mechanics, bat speed, and all the things coaches look for before they come out to see him live.


Even though they aren’t traveling as much, coaches want accessibility

Recruiting coordinators are some of the busiest people on the planet. They’re coaching their team and recruiting for a new one, at the same time… and they want to be able to get the information they need as efficiently as possible, better yet: at the click of a button… or else, they might simply pass your player by.

This information MUST be current too.  There’s nothing worse than not knowing if this is the player’s latest stats.  If a player has grown 3 inches or added 6 mph to his fastball, that is need-to-know information!



The easier it is to find this information, the better!  Not only for coaches, but players need things to be ‘push button’ easy, too.  Want to better engage your players in their own recruiting process?  The easier you make it for them, the more likely the kids are to do it.

This goes double for you as a travel ball team coach or owner.  You wear a lot of hats in your organization.  Maybe recruiting has even been a bit of a messy process for you.


❌  No more spreadsheets with scattered player info or stats…

❌  No more scouring YouTube (or your inbox) to send a player video to a college coach…

❌  No more random, different profiles (and explaining where certain ones are out of date)…

Play In School’s platform lets you keep everything you need in one place




Searching/sorting/filtering to find player profiles by name, position, and graduation year are 100% fast and painless for college coaches.

Plus your players will be able to go from registration to publishing content on their profile in just 5 minutes.


Get started now to take advantage our low introductory pricing!

Only $9/month! Only $90/year!

JUCO, HS or Travel Ball Coaches, GM's, Owners

Schedule a demo to see the backend & discuss custom pricing.

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Simply put: 


…and it’s poised to transform the way college baseball recruiting is done.

You could take months (even years) and a team of software engineers to develop something like this for your organization – or, you can simply “plug into” our platform and get your own professionally created and branded team page (and profiles for all your players).

Not only will this make your life so much easier…

But when they start seeing the results… and how easy it is to use… and all the tools in ONE place, we must warn you…


(and you might need to add another team)


Jokes aside, these are the types of reactions we’re getting from our early beta tests.

Players, coaches, and parents LOVE this platform.

We created it so you can produce this same level of goodwill with your players (and players’ parents) to help them pursue their dreams of playing at the college level.  

Now, for just a couple of bucks per player, you can get your entire team access to this platform.



  1. Create Your Profile (Takes Five Minutes….)
  2. Add Your Video (Upload Unlimited Footage Instantly…)
  3. Share Your Links! (Your Team Page Displays All Your Players Profiles, Is Easy To Search, And You Can View Any Player In One Click)


  11 Ways A Play In School Player Profile Lets You Simplify Your Recruiting & Place More Of Your Players At The College Level:

1 – Boost the power of email and social media.  Your players will love being able to send college coaches a single link with all their data and videos.  Plus, add it to your email signature or social media profile.

2 – Send coaches to a branded website with your videos embedded.  YouTube is the biggest distraction on earth, with endless recommended videos down the side.  Instead, get everything on one professionally branded site, so you grab their undivided attention.

3 – Keep your video and data up to date.  No waiting for the next showcase!  You’ll never worry about profiles with out-of-date stats that don’t accurately reflect your players’ abilities.  College coaches will also know they’re seeing this player’s most up-to-date footage.

4 – Build your team brand (and personal brand).  College coaches love using the platform because it’s both easy and accurate.  Connect with more coaches, build trust, and establish a recruiting pipeline.

5 – Email, text, or post in less than three clicks.  Copy and paste.  It’s that easy.  Streamlines everything and empowers your players to take fuller control of their own recruiting process.

6 – Put as much video on your profile as you like.  PLUS: Everything can be sorted by category of skill, so coaches can instantly find the information or video they want to see.

7 – Any college coach, anywhere, can view your athletes’ profiles and videos in one click.  Start getting more emails and info requests from coaches all over the country!

8 – Streamline the evaluation process for a college coach.  For college coaches trying to do a lot with few resources, the more streamlined and easy you can make it for them to evaluate your players, the more they’re going to like it… and come back to you for players in the future!

9 – Save time and store your program’s recruiting information in one place to share with college coaches.  No messy spreadsheets, or searching through emails/YouTube for links to send.

10 – Attract the best players to your team.  This platform is an amazing value add to your players… and especially their parents!

11 – Look more professional.  Not only will The Play In School Player Profile be an amazing tool to assist you in communication with college coaches… but it also lets you…




You’ll come across as “having it all together”.

And powerfully demonstrate your organization’s commitment to excellence.

Everything about the Play In School Player Profile is designed to make the college recruiting process faster, easier, and less of a hassle, so you can help your players pursue their dreams and get to the next level.

There’s no “theory” in any of this, either.

More than a decade of hands-on experience and “insider” knowledge has gone into the creation of this college-baseball-specific recruiting platform.




College recruiting expert Rich Prado is also the founder of Play In School and hosts the Travel Ball Talk podcast. His client list includes a who’s who of the top travel baseball organizations in the country.   

With over a decade of working with thousands of college prospects and their families, Rich describes the college recruiting process as “exactly like” an extended job search… 

With The Play In School Player Profile serving as the “Monster” or “Indeed” for your college playing career…

It’s where college coaches can go to see – at a glance – your player “resume”, so they can decide if they’re interested.

Rich has seen the sport evolve and knows what it takes to get players recruited to play at the college level in today’s climate.  His vision is to help even more players and organizations with this new platform.

Coaches and their student-athletes have so much video these days. This new software plays into the smartphone and social media era and provides the perfect place to store (and showcase) your players’ video, along with all of your relevant stats and data.




Scouting/ranking companies set the standard as far as “verified” data on player profiles.

And while ‘no’, the data on Play In School is NOT verified (at least not in that narrow sense) here are two things to think about:

  1. Your Play In School Player Profile won’t publish without at least 1 video. (Other platforms will tell you that profiles with video get 15-20% TIMES the engagement of profiles without video. Yet their platforms are filled with profiles that lack video.)
  2. “Verified” data from big scouting/ranking companies are cool. Except when the data is 6 weeks old… or worse, 6-12 months old! (In a post-Covid era, you need to ask yourself what % of these platforms’ player data are 6+ months out of date?)

The bottom line is prospects on our platform will have UP TO DATE data, metrics, and video which is easy to verify.  (And let’s face it, kids willing to burn their travel coaches’ reputation by posting fake data have issues beyond recruiting… and of course, coaches will be able to see and approve everything that’s being added!)

Your Play In School Player Profile is therefore your recruiting hub, and serves as…




As an individual, team, or organization.

No messy spreadsheets.

No more building YouTube’s brand vs. your own.

No more waiting for the next $300 showcase to update your stats.

You’re in total control.

This is the way college recruiting is going.

Don’t get left behind!

Unless your organization can keep up with the times, playing opportunities that should have belonged to your players will go to other travel ball teams’ players.  And those teams will get most of the resulting prestige.

Don’t wait. Start today!

Getting started is easy, too.



Get started now to take advantage our low introductory pricing!

Only $9/month! Only $90/year!

JUCO, HS or Travel Ball Coaches, GM's, Owners

Schedule a demo to see the backend & discuss custom pricing.

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