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Here is a curated list of products, brands, and services that I recommend and endorse. I believe that all of the items listed below can have a positive impact on coaches, players and/or parents.

Some of the links below are affiliate links, which means that if you choose to make a purchase, I will earn a commission. This commission comes at no additional cost to you. Please understand that I have experience with all of these companies, and I recommend them because they are helpful and useful, not because of the small commissions I make if you decide to buy something.

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  • Debt Free Degree

    Debt Free Degree - Logo “Debt Free Degree” by Anthony ONeal is a MUST READ for all parents that plan on sending their kids off to school. I watch families of prospects routinely making poor decisions simply to chase a jersey. Putting a child in $100,000 worth of debt is not good parenting. This book will help you get your head around avoiding that & teach you strategies to help your child graduate debt free.
  • The Prospect Planner

    The Prospect Planner - Logo The Prospect Planner is the only productivity planner specifically designed to help student-athletes identify & achieve their goals. Our goals in creating the Prospect Planner is to help student athletes Be Focused, Stay Disciplined, Maintain Routines, Be Intentional, Achieve Your Goals.

For Coaches

  • Drive for Uber

    Drive for Uber - Logo Why is this here? Too many coaches lack health coverage. Did you know that in 1 shift driving for Uber you can earn enough to pay for health coverage for the month? Check out Medi-Share if you're paying too much or don't have any health coverage.
  • 1% Better

    1% Better - Logo Joe Ferraro, of the 1% Better Podcast, speaks to businesses, teams, and organizations looking for simple and effective ways to improve. Joe stresses life long learning & how the use of intentional language can make you a more effective leader.
  • Monument Sports Group

    Monument Sports Group - Logo Monument Sports provides reliable, professional insurance services for sporting and recreational facilities and events. If you're running teams, events or a facility & you bought your insurance from the same guy you buy car insurance for you could be risking everything. Monument is the sports insurance specialist!
  • Medi-Share

    Medi-Share - Logo I’ve just recently left 1 of the big name insurance companies for Medi-Share and it is saving me 50% per month! Medi-Share is a healthcare sharing program, a simple yet powerful solution to rising healthcare costs. Going without health coverage is not an option! Over spending on health coverage shouldn’t be either!

Free Downloads

  • 5 Book Recommendations for Baseball Lovers

    5 Book Recommendations for Baseball Lovers - Logo 5 BOOK RECOMMENDATIONS FOR BASEBALL LOVERS - They are all books that I have personally read and gifted many times to friends. - Links directly to purchase on Amazon
  • Recruiting Advice from Parents & Players That Have Done It

    Recruiting Advice from Parents & Players That Have Done It - Logo Recruiting advice from those that have been through it to those that are about to. Includes... - 20+ Tips from players & parents that have recently been through the recruiting process. - All responses came from a project designed to have families with recruiting experience Pay It Forward to those in need of the advice.
  • 21 Page Free Guide: How to Film a College Recruiting Video

    21 Page Free Guide: How to Film a College Recruiting Video - Logo FREE 21 PAGE GUIDE: "How to Film a College Recruiting Video" Includes... - Goals & Expectations of a Recruiting Video - Do's & Don'ts - How to film all positions on the field. - Examples
  • Cheat Sheet for Emailing College Coaches

    Cheat Sheet for Emailing College Coaches - Logo CHEAT SHEET for E-mailing College Coaches includes... - 3 "must haves" for every email. - 10 often overlooked tips to make your emails stand out. - Example email to use as your template.
  • How to WIN at Showcases

    How to WIN at Showcases - Logo 20+ Tips to help you WIN at Showcases. Tips for Players & Parents. You'll learn actionable items for before, during & after games/events.

Tech Tools

  • Mint Mobile

    Mint Mobile - Logo I'm using same phone & same cell towers as my previous company. But saving $100/month with Mint Mobile! $1,200/year saving is a no brainer!
  • Ontraport

    Ontraport - Logo I literally run my entire business with Ontraport. Marketing must-haves like... - Marketing Automation, Email Marketing, Landing Pages, Marketing Analytics & Referral Programs - Businesses basics like...CRM, Process Automation & Membership Sites. - Sales essentials like… Sales Force Automation & Ecommerce OP is the behind the scenes MVP of my business.

Training Tools

  • On The Radar

    On The Radar - Logo On The Radar Baseball helps families save time and money and find the perfect college fit, athletically and academically. OTR built a great tool that shows you what every college costs, GPA needed, SAT's required along with very helpful recruiting info.
  • Tread Athletics

    Tread Athletics - Logo Tread is a remote coaching program that has worked with over 600 athletes since 2015 and had 27 remote athletes drafted since 2017. They do a detailed body assessment, break down your mechanics, and handle all aspects of your throwing, training and nutrition programming. They’ve been generous enough to offer a free video analysis and phone call for Play in School followers.
  • Jaeger Sports

    Jaeger Sports - Logo Jaeger Sports specializes in Arm Health, Arm Conditioning & Mental Training for baseball players. Alan Jaeger's tools & knowledge have helped thousands of arms stay healthy or return to health. I recommend you look directly at the Complete Competitor Package.
  • Prep Expert

    Prep Expert - Logo Anyone that has spent more than 5 minutes talking to me knows how much emphasis I place on improving board scores. I've always encourage finding the best SAT/ACT coach you could find. Now, PrepExpert brings the best SAT/ACT tutors directly to you though online training.
  • Quality At Bats

    Quality At Bats - Logo Steve Springer is referred to as the “Hitting Whisperer.” He says that 90% of hitting is how you feel when walking up to the plate. That’s why Springer focuses on the mental side of hitting. You can get access to his QAB bundle for just $40 if you use the coupon code “PIS40” at check here… That’s $90 OFF the retail price!
  • The Playbook

    The Playbook - Logo Perfect communication with the wrong coaches is a waste of time. Poor communication with the right coaches will kill your chances. The Playbook is my online course that teaches you how to effectively communicate with the right college coaches. The course includes tips, tactics & strategy for any high school player to implement throughout their recruiting process.
  • SeamTrak

    SeamTrak - Logo Hitting starts with your eyes. SeamTrak was designed to help players with pitch recognition by tracking the spinning seams of a baseball. Train using your computer or mobile device. Using SeamTrak is like taking virtual at bats and giving your eyes extra reps in order to distinguish between types of pitches.