Be Different

PISTV – VLOG 62 – Be Different

Be Different. Be Uncommon.

That is the only way to separate yourself from the crowd, assuming you aren’t in the Top or Bottom 10% of the crowd. If you are in the Middle 80% you better figure out TODAY how you are going to start being different or uncommon.

Consider the following numbers from the 17u Perfect Game WWBA event in GA.

  • Total pitchers: 3,347
  • Number of pitchers 90mph or better: 282 or about 8%
  • Number of pitchers 81mph or less: 1,077 or about 32%
  • Number of pitchers 84mph to 88mph: 1,274 or about 38%
  • Average Top Velocity of all pitchers: 83mph
    *See the data for yourself at this link.

What are you going to do to be different or uncommon?

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