Being Proactive

Just like a job search, a winning strategy for the College Recruiting Process includes a combination of NETWORKING and being PROACTIVE.  An essential requirement for both pieces of the puzzle include an updated resume. Or in the athletes case, a College Recruiting Video.

Providing your network easy access to your latest resume (video) is going to help them help you.  Coaches, trainers, instructors will easily be able to shift the conversation from “talking” about how good you are to “showing” how good you are to recruiters.  This allows them to quickly shift the conversation to the intangible skills such as leadership, academics, work ethic, etc., which really separate 1 player from the next.

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Yet, as anyone who has looked for for work will know, you don’t rely 100% on your network.  Players should be proactively communicating with College Coaches.  Once a player truly knows what kind of schools he wants to target (thats the entire goal of our College Bus Tours), then he should begin strategically reaching out to the coaching staffs.  We have a “cheat sheet” available to help get players started with their emails.

In the end, you’ll see that the combination of networking & being proactive will be tremendously helpful.  And an up to date College Recruiting Video will be an essential tool for reaching your goals.

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