Recruiting Calendar Changes

#PISTV – Episode 41 – Recruiting Calendar Changes

Winter 2016/2017 is going to be very different.  The standard winter schedule for high school prospects & college coaches has included attending what are known as “mega camps”.

Due to a huge change by the NCAA the “mega camp” will not be an option this coming winter.

Here’s the short version…  The NCAA pushed forward what is known as the “dead period” and the “quiet period” which prohibit D1 Coaches from any off campus contact with players.  This will essentially bring an end to the winter “mega camp.”

There are alternatives for players….

  1. Go to specific college camps.  I speak about the why these are a good idea in #PISTV Ep 10.
  2. Have a rock solid, updated, professional College Recruiting Video prepared for the purposes of sending it to coaches.

Why video?  The new dead & quiet periods (read definition of those here) will keep D1 coaches off the road from November 7, 2016 until February 28, 2017.  Click Here to See NCAA site.  Then, right around Valentines Day, the D1 Season will begin and then high school seasons will begin shortly there after.  The result is that even when the quiet period ends it is still very difficult to get in front of college coaches.

Will you and/or your players go from November 6, 2016 until June 15, 2017 with no way to effectively get in front of college coaches?

Players with video will use this long period of time as a positive opportunity to proactively communicate and BE SEEN by college coaches!

This winter could literally be the most important winter there has ever been to have & use video.  If you coach a team, run an organization or run a camp that can’t happen this winter, then lets talk.  The price per player to film is substantially less than what players are used to paying for a “mega camp”.  And video provides the opportunity BE SEEN by any coach, not just the coaches that were in attendance.


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