Hit The Weight Room!

#PISTV – Episode 43 – Hit The Weight Room!

In what I can only describe as a very ironic twist of fate, it is highly probable that I’ve seen more college weight rooms that anyone in the country.

I’ve run College Bus Tours for 4 years.  We visit nearly 20 schools per tour.  1 of the common threads that we hear over and over from the college coaches that are showing us their campus is how important strength & conditioning is to their program. The coaches take pride in the work they do in the weight rooms. It wasn’t that long ago that baseball players barely lifted.  Now they lift regularly all year long.

In this video I share pictures from college weight rooms that we’ve had the pleasure of seeing for 2 reasons…

  1. I wanted to stress the importance of strength & condition on today’s athletes.
  2. I want to show you the type of access we receive on every College Bus Tour. In case you’re wondering, our Tours are not simply tours of baseball fields & weight rooms. We see academic facilities everywhere we go! I was going to do a video showing all of the libraries but didn’t think the kids would get excited about that!

If you want your son or daughter to get red carpet treatment at nearly 20 colleges and get next level research on what their BEST FIT looks & feels like then you should spend some serious time researching out College Bus Tours.

The 2017 Schedule is set with NC, VA & Mid-Atlantic Baseball Tours and a VA Softball Tour.

As always…

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