Be Different

PISTV – VLOG 62 – Be Different

Be Different. Be Uncommon.

That is the only way to separate yourself from the crowd, assuming you aren’t in the Top or Bottom 10% of the crowd. If you are in the Middle 80% you better figure out TODAY how you are going to start being different or uncommon.

Consider the following numbers from the 17u Perfect Game WWBA event in GA.

  • Total pitchers: 3,347
  • Number of pitchers 90mph or better: 282 or about 8%
  • Number of pitchers 81mph or less: 1,077 or about 32%
  • Number of pitchers 84mph to 88mph: 1,274 or about 38%
  • Average Top Velocity of all pitchers: 83mph
    *See the data for yourself at this link.

What are you going to do to be different or uncommon?

Speaking of “different”… I’m doing something very different next Christmas Break. I’m heading to the Dominican Republic! And I’m taking 15 baseball players with me. Will you or your boy be 1 of the 15? Go here to see all of the details…