Billion Dollar Companies & College Baseball Teams

PISTV – VLOG – 7 – Billion Dollar Companies & College Baseball Teams

Zappos & Amazon are both billion dollar companies that PAY EMPLOYEES UP TO $5,000 TO QUIT!

The reason they do this is to preserve their corporate CULTURE. A disgruntled member of any organization has the ability to bring down the entire ship. In an effort to only keep team members that are 100% bought in Zappos & Amazon want to make it easy for people to leave.

The result is that the team members that stick around are all “pulling the rope from the same end” so to speak.

How does this relate to baseball?

A less talented team with strong culture gives themselves a better chance to go deep into the year than team of talented individuals that do not have strong culture and team chemistry.

A perfect example of this can be seen with the 2015 VCU Rams. Nobody would have had them playing so deep into the tournament. I think they came in 4th in their own conference. But they got hot and ended up 2 games from Omaha playing against Miami in a Super Regional. Were it not for 1 play here or there I think they had Game 1 within reach. If they win Game 1 who knows what could’ve happened.

Their CULTURE & TEAM CHEMISTRY were vital parts of their late season run. A couple of public examples of growing their chemistry can be seen with their Halloween practice & their end of fall “Ramsanity”.

Many teams across the country are doing things like this now. The big question is how do the players approach it? Is it just a fun thing to post on Twitter? Or are they growing into a tighter group?

This VLOG also gives a shout out to my buddies at RBA West. They’ve just opened a beautiful new facility. One of the things I love about RBA West ( is that high level players can always be found there. That speaks volumes about the instruction they are receiving. The day I filmed I was able to take a little BP with John Hicks (UVA) who played 40+ games with the Seattle Mariners. He was traded in the off season to the Twins. He’s expected to be on the MLB roster to start the season. Also there taking swings was Ben Verlander (ODU) who has spent the last couple seasons with Single A affiliate for the Detroit Tigers. Ben has light tower power. Look to hear his name making his way through the ranks!

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