5 (baseball) Book Recommendations

#PISTV – Episode 35 – 5 (baseball) Book Recommendations

Finding 1 book that interests you can be a gateway drug into lifetime of reading for pure enjoyment.  Maybe 1 of these 5 books will be 1 persons “1st book”!

1 – “Life is Yours to Win” by Auggie Garrido – There are literally used copies for under $1.  Everyone should buy a copy.  Click Here For Amazon Link.

2 – “The Matheny Manifesto” by Mike Matheny – Click Here For Amazon Link.

3 – “Eastern Stars” by Mark Kurlansky – Click Here For Amazon Link.

4 – “The Arm” by Jeff Passan – Click Here For Amazon Link.

5 – “A Drive into the Gap” by Kevin Guilfoile – Click Here For Amazon Link

They are all books I’ve personally read and gifted many times to friends.  I hope you enjoy at least 1 of them.

I’d love to hear from you.  Comment below to recommend some of your favorite books.  Thanks!

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