Your Cheat Sheet For Emailing College Coaches

PISTV – VLOG 15 – Your Cheat Sheet For Emailing College Coaches

Somehow in 2016, I still hear about coaches telling kids “If you’re good enough, you’ll be found.” That is so naive. I want to know if those coaches would be willing to follow that same advice if they were looking for a job? Doubtful.

This idea brings to mind a quote from the late, great former VCU Head Coach Paul Keyes. He once told me “We recruit players that recruit us.” Meaning, all things equal, he wanted the kid that wanted to be a Ram.

Being proactive with your communication is important. There is some strategy that will help you along the way.

The PDF we’ve linked to will help a player create a strong email that will get them moving in the right direction with building a relationship with college coaches.

I have just put together a FREE College Recruiting Presentation. It covers actionable tactics that any family going to through the recruiting process could benefit from.

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