What & How Are You Learning?

What & How Are You Learning?

It is no secret that I was not at the top of class in school. The reality is that I have become a much better “student” since being out of school. I’m constantly looking for ways to learn.

I’m currently reading 4 books simultaneously. I routinely listen to podcasts on a variety of subjects. I watch YouTube videos non-stop. Bottom line, I’m always trying to learn & improve myself. I hope you are too.

If you’re watching this video then you likely know that my Blog (#PISTV) has 75+ Free videos for you to learn from. But you may not realize that I have another resource with incredible information on the recruiting process called The Playbook.

The Playbook┬áis a self paced online course that walks you through the college recruiting process. If you’re interested in recruiting, I’m confident that The Playbook will become 1 of your top places to learn & acquire knowledge.

With regards to recruiting, what & how you learn will have a huge impact on your future.