Mass Infield vs Traditional Infield/Outfield

PISTV – VLOG – 19 – Mass Infield vs Traditional Infield/Outfield

This is the 2nd VLOG in a row talking about pregame. This time I’m talking about the actual mechanics of Infield/Outfield.

The overwhelming majority of teams run the “traditional” version of I/O where 1 coach hits 1 ball to 1 player at a time. Some teams run “mass” infield. Mass I/O is all about high number of reps in a short amount of time. A player might take 6 ground balls the traditional way vs 40 during mass.

This video explores why some teams might choose one vs the other during their 10-15 minute pregame infield/outfield.

There is no “right” way or wrong way. But as a former “anti mass I/O” guy, I’d say I see a whole lot of reasons to incorporate mass infield into the normal pregame routine.

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