Networking: Hard Sell vs Soft Sell

PISTV – VLOG – 27 – Networking: Hard Sell vs Soft Sell

You’ve heard me talk a lot about the importance that networking plays during the recruiting process.

The reality is that no matter how many college coaches your high school or travel coach knows there are way more college coaches that they don’t know.  So no matter how long your high school or travel coach has been coaching, the strategy we lay out in this video will help them grow their rolodex.

Our strategy is all about putting the responsibility of evaluation in the hands of the college coach.

Instead of making assumptions, ask for their opinions.

Instead of telling them about a swing, show them the swing.  Then transition the conversation to all of your players intangible assets.

Beware of turning a coach off because you are “hard selling” them. You may not place this kid this year. But growing your rolodex may help another kid another year.

I have just put together a FREE College Recruiting Presentation. It covers actionable tactics that any family going to through the recruiting process could benefit from.

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