Pay It Forward

#PISTV – Episode 46 – Pay It Forward

I’ve been thinking about how I can best serve all of you guys… my community… the players, the parents, the coaches involved in the recruiting process… that continue to tune into #PISTV, when I came up with what I thought was a great way to “pay it forward”.

Every family of a young player feels like they have to figure everything related to recruiting on their own. Why? Why does every family need to spend hours researching and trying to figure things out when there are families of older players & coaches that could easily help them avoid the mistakes & pitfalls.

Here is the plan… Fill out the short form below. Be as generic or specific as you want. Really think about what those little or big things are that you wish you knew 6, 12, 18 months ago that would have sped up your process. What hints, tips or tools can you pass along?

This is an easy and FREE gift that you are giving to your peers.

I will compile the answers and make them available soon!

Thank you for helping.  Merry Christmas!  Happy Hanukkah!

UPDATE from Jan 2017.

The advice from the #PayItForward project were tremendous.

You can download the free pdf here.