Your Reputation is Bigger Than Realize

PISTV – VLOG 72 – Your Reputation is Bigger Than Realize


You all know it impacts you, your family & even your team.

But what many kids fail to realize is the impact their reputation can have on prospects that will come behind them.

Teams, schools, regions, even states get reputations based on past players.

Yes, 1 bad apple can ruin the bunch.

I personally know college head coaches that avoid players from certain high schools because past players they recruited from that school left them with a bad taste in their mouth, so to speak. That players reputation had a negative impact on some kid he probably never met. And that’s not fair. But that is life.

It obviously works the other way too. A college coach can have a good experience with a couple of players from the same school or team and they will keep “fishing that pond” year after year.

The example mentioned in the video went viral due to the political undertones of the message. The coach in question was obviously in the wrong to write what he wrote. But it is a great example of how 1 kids reputation can impact much more than just himself.



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