Quick Twitter Tip for Coaches

PISTV – VLOG 61 – Quick Twitter Tip for Coaches

I’m loving the adoption of Twitter by travel ball coaches lately.
I’ll give them an “A” for effort” but probably a “C-” minus for execution.

Let me explain.

Coaches are right to use the platform to network and to promote their guys.

But they are coming up short in executing that idea.

College coaches & pro scouts do not benefit from travel coaches posting creative “hash tags” or 5 second videos of 1 swing or pitch.

I’d suggest the travel coach give the props to the kid, then link to a legitimate film of the kid with lots of reps so that the coach or scout can actually make an assessment on the kid.

For example…

Instead of “Wes is a #MustSee 2018 LHP” w/ a 4 sec video.

I’d recommend… “Wes is a #MustSee 2018 LHP that you can SEE throw a pen at http://dev-playinschool.pantheonsite.io/profile/wes-glass“.

Big difference.

Direct coaches/scouts to a page where a kid or entire team can be seen working out. Make it EASY. If it’s not easy it isn’t helpful.

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As always…

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