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PISTV – VLOG 51 – What It’s All About

I made it to UVA’s home opener yesterday vs VMI. What a beautiful day for baseball!

The reason I go to so many college & high school games is to show support to those that have supported me over the years.

As I walked into the stadium, VMI’s leadoff hitter was being announced.  I recognized his name. We filmed him.  And he came on the VA College Bus Tour.

We also filmed the 2nd hitter.  And 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th hitter in the lineup!!!

Unbelievable. So cool to see that in person. Here is the BOX SCORE from the game to see those guys.

The other very cool thing that I noticed at UVA was their fans. The 2 biggest groups seemed to be retirees and young parents with their children.

That is what it’s all about!

It is so cool seeing the Charlottesville locals coming out to support their home team.

I’ll be at many more games this spring. Hope to see you there.

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