#PISTV – Episode 45 – Why I Do #PISTV

Simply put, I do #PISTV as a way give back to the community that has given me so much. It is a way for me pass some of my knowledge and experience on to those that might need it.

It is amazing how often I run into someone, often it’s someone I’ve never even met, that thanks me for #PISTV and encourages me to continue filming. It’s awesome when someone quotes my own lines back to me! (I’m looking at you Coach Secrest!)

Well, it appears that #PISTV Ep 44 struck a chord and was used as part of a very serious family discussion in the most timely of circumstances.

I’ll continue making #PISTV.  I hope they have some small impact on 1 person each week.  Feel free to spread the word if one strikes a chord with you.

As always…

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