PISTV – VLOG 63 – Why?

The tiny little word “why” can be so powerful.

Prospects, you’re going to get advice & suggestions from everybody. That is great. It means people care about you and want to help.

But I’d highly recommend following up each suggestion or piece of advice by asking a very simple question…. “Why?”

“Why” can be very educational. It can lead to the core of things. It can also expose those times when people actually don’t have a decent reason for the advice they are giving you.

I’d recommend you value every piece of advice you get. But try to learn from it with a very small, yet powerful word… Why?

Dominican Republic – December 26 to January 1

I’m pumped to be leading a small group of baseball players to the Dominican Republic during Christmas Break. I’d love for you to consider coming with us. Parent’s are welcome to join!

See all the details at http://dev-playinschool.pantheonsite.io/dominican